Loose Ends (The Rest of Lew Bear, Volume 1)

by Lew Bear

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A collection of songs that, for one reason or another, have never been recorded in a studio (if, in this case, home studio) setting, or were recorded before I was capable of doing them justice.
In a parallel universe where I'm rich and famous, this would be called my b-sides and rarities album, but as it is, it's merely tying up the Loose Ends
You could even call it Rest of (Volume 1) ;-)


released September 15, 2016

Lew Bear - vocals, guitar, percussion, writing*, arranging*, beat boxing,
Tim Brown - Bass
Robert Barnett - lead guitar
Stephen J Jennings - harmonica

*Except where stated
May the Road Rise - Stuart Nicol/Trad
White Van Man - Christopher Wilkinson/Christopher Sammon
Black Dog - Gary Painting/Stuart Nicol/Lewis Robinson
(Nearly) The Wild Rover - Lew Bear/Trad
Bring Us In Good Ale - Trad/Lew Bear
Linin' Track - Trad/Lew Bear



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Lew Bear UK

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Track Name: Long Long Winding Road
Walking since first light of day
I'll walk until my shoes have worn away
Not been going long we're dropping like flies
Only one will finish this walk alive

I know it'll be a long long winding road

So many of us when we began
We'll keep on walking to the final man
Praying for the death of those around
Coz if it don't be them it'll be me in the ground

I know it'll be a long long winding road

Keep on walking through the night
Devils with guns are stood on either side
Made it down to the final few
But only one, nothing else will do

I know it'll be a long long winding road
Track Name: White Van Man
(where appropriate, insert man "WHITE VAN MAN, WHITE VAN MAN"s)

Who's that numpty flicking the v's?
Sounding his horn when the lights turn green
Screech to start screech to stop
Parked on double yellows outside the shop

Haring around just as a fast as he can and he don't give a damn, he's white van man

Eyeing up the ladies in the traffic queue
Thinking all the things that he'd like to do
Making a call on his mobile phone
While taking it to 60 in a 30 zone

One of these days he's gonna end crash bang but he don't worry about that, he's white van man

He don't give a toss he don't care a bit
Coz he's white van man and he thinks he's it
At the wheel he's a law to himself
And he don't care about anybody else HA!

White van man he's the king of the road
Don't talk to him about the highway code
He's on the horn and he's on the lights
Shaking his fist for you to let him by

He's always got right of way don't you understand coz he owns the road, he's white van man
Track Name: Everything is Golden
Everything is golden everything is sweet
Everything is golden baby, everything is sweet

Don't forget it's ok to feel ok
No don't forget it's ok to feel ok
You don't need punishment no, and you're not cursed
So go ahead now life and do your worst
Track Name: Black Dog
There's an old black dog sitting on my shoulder as I stumble into town
Weighs so heavy on my shoulder I'm near falling down
I've been walking many a mile, gold and silver never found
Stumble on my leaden legs, broken feet on broken ground

Drink to remember drink to forget
All my fears and expectations lead me to regret
Drink to cure my ills now, drink for your health
You'll have heard this song before
It's told a thousand ways it's the drinkers war

It's the drinkers war

Felt the warmth of many a lady
Felt the wrath of many a man
Many sins which to choose from as i travel cross this land
Seldom my lifes ever easy
I'm alone within a crowd
Guess I'll take my chances. Never thought of settling down


And as the darkness draws close to another day
I guess I'll take my leave, I'll be on my way
There's an old black dog sitting on my shoulder as I stumble into town
Weighs so heavy on my shoulder I'm near falling down

Track Name: The Worm Will Turn
Are you getting bullied at school?
Well don't worry about them fools
Coz one day you'll be the boss
You can fire them it's their loss
The worm will turn as the world keeps rolling on
Oh yeah the worm will turn as the world keeps rolling on

Chicken was once T-Rex
Now they're emotional wrecks
Once they could've swallowed you whole
Now we've reversed the roles
Coz the worm will turn as the world keeps rolling on
Oh yeah the worm will turn as the world keeps rolling on

Elephant was once a mouse
Now he's the size of a house
Trampling all in his wake
Get out the way for goodness sake
Coz the worm will turn as the world keeps rolling on
Oh yeah the worm will turn as the world keeps rolling on

If you pick on those who're small
Get ready for a fall
Or you might be a T-Rex
Getting stomped on in your nest
Cox the worm will turn as the world keeps rolling on
Oh yeah the worm will turn as the world keeps rolling on
Track Name: Slow Lane
Days by the water soothe my soul
Peace in nature as I watch a shoal go by
Turn off my phone and I shut out the world
I'm on my own and life is a pearl oh yeah

Where do you go when you need to grow
Where do you go to avoid strife
Where do you go when you're feeling low
Go to the slow lane of life

Hear the birds flying through the trees
Listen to infinite melodies
A dragonfly hops across the pool
I wonder why life like this aint the rule oh yeah


Yeah that slow lane ha!
It's the only place to be yeah yeah
Don't wanna go in no fast lane oh no
That's where they hold the rat race yeah yeah
Are you a rat? I aint no rat! Oh no!
I'm a human bear
And I don't wanna go there, oh no
I wanna take it slow. Real slow

Like so

Track Name: Tick Tock
Throw alarm clock at the wall
Out of bed you have to crawl
Hurry up it's getting late
And your boss will be irate

Living life by the clock
Everything is tick tock x2

Now to cram in a lunchbreak
Eat so fast there's bellyache
There's not even time to taste
Hurry up no time to waste


There are times when it slows down
Friday afternoon's in town

Track Name: Ripples 33rpm
There's a man who built upon a rock
To the ticking of a clock
As his life was speeding past
But when he laid the final brick
He'd caught the carrot lost the stick
So he gave it all away

There's nothing solid we can leave
That'll last down through the centuries
Nothing that won't crumble into dust
But the ripples of our love and hate
Never stop keep going straight
When everything we've made, has turned to rust

There's a gal who raised a boy alone
Had no money till he'd grown
Always felt she failed him
But he grew up with lots of care
Was always helpful always fair
And never wanted for a thing


There's a family who lost it all
It was illness caused the fall
Now their hope is shorn away
Homeless on the streets they roam
Till a man gave them a home
A man raised by a single gal

Track Name: Bring Us In Good Ale
Bring us in no brown bread for that is made of bran
Bring us in no whit bread, there therein is no game

But bring us in good ale, bring us in good ale
For our blessed lady's sake, bring us in good ale

Bring us in no beef for there are many bones
Bring us in good ale for that goes down at once


Bring us in no bacon for that is passing fat
Bring us in good ale, bring us enough of that


Bring us in no mutton for that is often lean
Bring us in no tripes for they be seldom clean


Bring us in no eggs for there are many shells
Bring us in good ale. Bring us nothing else

Chorus x3
Track Name: Mr Potato
Mr Potato he sits at the bar
He's never moving and he thinks he's a star
Mr Potato he is his whole world
Despite his failings thinks he's hot with the girls
Aint got no style aint got no brains
But it's any port in a storm - and it's about to rain

Mr Potato will drink the bar dry
He spills the half of it which makes it a lie
Mr Potato will stand up to fight
But if you stand up to he'll say you're alright
Can't hold his liquor aint got no strength
But if he can fool you he'll go to any length

Swings his shoulders round and round
As he stumbles in face to the ground
A little bit of dribble hanging off his chin
As he gives off that leery grin
To any woman that's walking in hey hey!

Mr Potato will stay there all night
Spending money to the landlords delight
Mr Potato his money's run out
But his Mama's always good for a shout
Can't look after himself Mama's boy
But don't you tell him, or he'll throw out his toys
Track Name: May the Road Rise
Every day you learn how to face the day
Every day you learn how to survive
Tell me of a man who doesn't make mistakes
Tell me of a man who didn't learn this way

May the road rise up to meet you
May the wind be at your back
May the sun shine warm on your face
And the rain fall soft on your fields

Life's full of twists and constant u-turns
A minute heading east, a day heading west
Never plot the course, tomorrow it'll change
That's where beauty lies, tomorrow never dies

Track Name: 3rd Rate Johnny Cash
I wanna rock like Kurt Cobain, jumping around the stage
But I haven't got the energy
I want lyrics like John Lennon, some serious, some fun
But I can't make them catchy

No I can't do any of that
My dreams always fall flat
Coz there's a talent clash
And I'm just a 3rd rate Johnny Cash

Singing like Freddie Mercury, don't come to easy to me
Coz I don't, don't have the range
I want the best guitar licks, just like Jimi Hendrix
But my fingers don't have the brains


Don't get me wrong I love the big JC
He's a big influence on me
It's just, he's not the only one
Hell I'd even need a Devil's pact
To become a decent tribute act
Coz I'm just, coz I'm just, coz I'm just a 3rd rate Johnny Cash

Track Name: (Nearly) The Wild Rover
Well I've played the wild rover for many a year
Coz it earns lot of money for whisky and beer
But now I have played it so many times I'm bored
And I swear I won't play the wild rover no more

And it's no nay never
No nay never no more
Will I play the wild rover
No never no more

I was playing an alehouse I used to frequent
And they asked me to play the wild rover again
I said can I drop it, they answered me nay
I want that old song to be sung every day


I pulled out me songbook seven drunken nights
And the landlady's eyes opened wide with delight
She said I have whiskies and wine oh the best
But only if you play the wild rover next


I'll go home to me parents and tell them I'm done
And ne'er again will that damn song be sung
They'll say I should sing it like each time before
But I swear I won't play the wild rover no more

Chorus x2
Track Name: Your Love is Like a Sunny Day
From the moment I saw you
I knew you didn't have a clue
About the effect, you had on me
I feel so weak at the knees

Your love is like a sunny day

When your near my spirits grow
And I no longer feel hollow
And as we share all life cares
Lets grow old in rocking chairs

Your love is like a sunny day
Track Name: Lonely Days and Lonely Nights
She's sat there thinking her man aint coming home
He's on the roam
He's sat there drinking, coz life's tough on the roam
He wants his home
Million miles between us, I've been gone so long
Feels so wrong
This won't last forever. I've got a job to do
I still miss you

Lonely days and lonely nights, I'll be home soon it'll be alright
No matter the path, no matter the path, it ends with you

She's sat there waiting, staring at the phone
She's so alone
He's out there busking, no money for the phone
He's so alone

Track Name: Linin' Track
Ho! boys is you right
I done done got right
All I hate about linin' track
Is these ole bars about to bust my back

Ho! boys cancha line em track
Ho! boys cancha line em track
Ho! boys cancha line em track
These ole bars bouta bust my back

Down in the holler below the field
Angels are working on my chariot wheel


Mary and the baby sitting in the shade
Thinking bout the money I aint made


Well I been on the river 19 and 10
Aint had no women like the driving me


Moses stood on the red sea shore
Batting at the waves with a 2 by 4


If I could I surely would
Stand on the rock where Moses stood


Mary, Mathy, Luke, and John
All them 'sciples dead and gone


You keep talking bout the break ahead
Aint said nothing bout my hog and bread


Intro as outro
Track Name: A Folk Song
We sing sea shanties, in a round of melodies
We sing of rovers wild
Green grow the nettles, pots into kettles
A tale of an orphaned child

A song a song a folk song to wash away our fears
A song a song a folk song to pass down through the years

We sing John Barleycorn, and tell of ancient wars
Of battles that no one wins
We sing of rainy nights, cold haily rainy nights
Of nights that are full of sin


Where did it all begin, hunters plucking on bow strings
Or Mummies soothing little ones, or did we do it just for fun

Chorus x2
Track Name: Wild Oaken Forest
I sat 'neath the boughs of a wild oaken forest
I sat on the banks of a broad millstream
I sat atop a wide open valley
But I never found peace, till I looked in me

Happiness for sale is a common delusion
Money's a hunger you can't satisfy
It's not real it's an illusion
You just have to open your eyes

Especially that 3rd eye, gotta keep it squeegee clean


The search for peace continues in earnest
Trying tricks of self-styled gurus
Buying books on organised religion
But it's not the path that I choose

Gotta choose your own path boys and girls. Don't follow me!



Track Name: It Better Not Change
It's no good living round here son but damn it better not change
It's no good living round here son but damn it better not change
While it may be crap I don't want crap rearranged
It's no good living round here son but damn it better not change

I don't to the pub no and I won't go to the club
You know I'm gonna complain when they concentrate on grub
I go there once a year to buy myself a single beer
But don't you ever change it, it is the village hub
Don't you change our pub, no


Chris he owns the butchers, and Simon owns the store
They both charge more than Tesco so I don't shop their no more
I work hard for my pay I don't wanna pay no more no way
Everyone else said the same now we got no store no more
How dare they close our store, oh